Improving Aging
in America

West Health stands at the intersection of aging and healthcare. Our three nonprofits work together to fuel new and innovative programs, practices, and policies that ensure successful aging and affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Our Approach

We’re big thinkers who look for big problems to solve and opportunities to create.

Through a combination of outcomes-based funding, applied medical research, and public policy, the Gary and Mary West Foundation, West Health Institute, and West Health Policy Center are dedicated to lowering the cost of healthcare and advancing sustainable high-quality delivery models to improve care for seniors and their families.

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Grantmaking Amplified

The Gary and Mary West Foundation is one of only a handful of private nonprofit foundations in the U.S. solely focused on addressing the needs of vulnerable seniors. Through its grantmaking, it strategically deploys its funding to fuel groundbreaking research, models of care, and resources that improve care for seniors, their families, and all Americans.

Applied Medical Research

Good ideas must be supported by even better evidence. We conduct applied medical research and collaborate with leading researchers and major academic centers to validate new models of care that lower healthcare costs and improve care for seniors.

Policy Driven

The West Health Policy Center conducts in-depth research and provides expert analysis to better inform state and federal policy decisions affecting older adults and their families.

Making a Difference

West Health is changing the
trajectory of aging in America.

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New Survey Finds 75% of Americans Feel Mental Health Takes Back Seat to Physical Health Within U.S. Healthcare System

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Three-quarters of Americans feel mental health conditions are identified and treated much worse than physical health issues within the U.S. healthcare system, even as more than 80% perceive a dramatic rise in prevalence of mental health issues in the last five years, according to a new survey from West Health and Gallup.
West Health-Gallup Latest Survey
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Our People

West Health is differentiated not only by our mission, but by our team of experts who bring our work to life every day.

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